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Black Pot Master Plan Project Boundaries

The County of Kaua‘i Department of Parks and Recreation is leading a public planning process to develop a long-term plan for the expansion of Black Pot Beach Park in Hanalei, Kaua‘i .

The existing 2.5-acre park sits at the north end of Weke Road, idyllically located at the point where the Hanalei River meets the salty waters of Hanalei Bay.  Hanalei Pier extends seaward from the edge of the park, and forms a protective barrier to gently enclose the park.

As a result of the County acquiring land on both the mauka (east) and pavilion (south) side of the park, the existing park will eventually be expanded to more than 11 acres in size.  This master planning process will chart a long‐term vision for the future use and expansion of the park, providing a framework and direction for future investments in facility improvements and infrastructure over the next 20+ years.

With emphasis on envisioning a park that serves the local community, the County’s goals for the master plan are to:

  • Develop a plan for future park expansion so that investments in park facilities and improvements are done in a strategic and cost‐effective manner
  • Improve management and protection of the resource
  • Improve the user experience and user safety
  • Balance the demands of the different park users and recreational interests drawn to the beach


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